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bulletAn analysis of the capacity of the media in Mauritius to report on corruption

StraConsult was commissioned by SAHRIT to undertake a study to analyse the capacity of the media to investigate, expose or report on corruption.

One of the aims of this study is to understand the concept of corruption in general and how it is perceived in Mauritius.

Moreover, a review of the legal framework in which the media operates in Mauritius as well as an analysis of the institutions and the laws against corruption in the country was essential for a good understanding of the context in which the Mauritian society fights against corruption and how the media can operate to unveil cases of alleged corruption.

A review of the main corruption cases reported by the press over the last years was also carried out to provide a better insight of the role which the media plays as a watchdog against corruption.

The government has also its role to play in preserving the society from the scourge of corruption. In that respect, a review of parliamentary debates and committee reports and government Commissions of Inquiry concerning corruption is also included.

Finally, a survey of key informants of the public sector including the judiciary and parastatals, the private sector, including private institutions, Non-governmental Organisations (NGO's) and leading media actors was carried to know their views about corruption in general, within their own organisations and their appreciation of the role played by media to analyse, investigate and report on matters of corruption in Mauritius...

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bulletMotivation to entrepreneurship, resource utilisation and enterprise performance

The study undertaken indicates that Mauritian entrepreneurs are strongly motivated, relatively weak in management and that there is serious dysfunction between entrepreneurs and resource providing institutions.

Profit is not the main motivation for Mauritians to become entrepreneurs, but a high degree of self esteem and need for achievement in the field they have chosen. The majority became entrepreneurs not because they were driven by external circumstances, but as a result of their own determination. They are driven by the spirit of hard work, and are even not deterred by a situation where they are not able to draw an adequate salary for themselves. This spirit of sacrifice and the consciousness that entrepreneurship is not equivalent of quick immediate gains is a very good basis for further growth. It shows that SMEs are eager to absorb the support extended to them and translate it into higher performance...

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